The Eight Wonders of the World

The Divine Secret Garden

The Eight Wonders of the World

WARNING: These books must be read in order or else you will fail to understand the Code. They were designed to reveal important clues along the way using the key within. Otherwise, you will fail to grasp the significance of the message.

Welcome, you’ve been granted an invitation from the true Father and Mother into this domain, "”  The Author’s name is John V. Panella, he has released the following information that will unlock the mystical key-code from within.
These eight books will open spiritual doors, create new paradigms, allow greater historical insight into our universe and beyond. And they are all free at this website. These books are not being advertised, or promoted beyond that of word of mouth, or except for third-party sales of the books in book form. The Father and Mother will draw you here when it is recognized that one has become ready. Then and only then may you be granted access.
Have you wondered why life’s questions are not being answered? Has religion and science failed you? Then look no more, it is the time that you discover our planet is an alien outpost and we are the prisoners, however, escape is possible. You must relearn everything, and access the forbidden knowledge, known from before the foundations of this world. And then be reunited back with the Father and Mother through the Christ our Brother and Sister.
Discover how our world has been led by deviant beings who claim to be the true monarchy of this planet, and why the Christ was introduced to this world to offset this evil magistrate and release the true Children of the Father and Mother.
Time is very short, but if you truly desire, the door is open. ENTER before the DOOR slams shut for good during this final cycle, before the Time-Loop!


Be Wise As A Serpent, Harmless AsA Dove

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